The starting point for relevant, engaging media on any device.

Synacor’s Start products—Browser Startpages and iOS/Android Start Apps—help cable, satellite, telecommunications, and consumer electronics companies deliver compelling and personalized experiences to consumers on every device. Powered by our Media & Programming library, these products increase engagement with your existing customers to generate additional revenue.

Browser Startpages pages are accessible from any web browser, on any device to keep your brand front and center, and deliver the content and media your customers enjoy.

Start Apps provide an iOS and Android app-based experience for access to a daily source of curated news and entertainment with a focus on short form video consumption on mobile devices.

Browser Startpages

Our personalized Startpages increase engagement by delivering relevant content, services, and promotions to your customers via the browser home screen. Startpage content features a customizable mix of news, entertainment, video and TV.

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    Endless Content Stream. Drive longer periods of engagement. Synacor’s advanced Startpage features a seemingly infinite stream of content. Consumers can browse fresh news stories and videos as they would on a social media feed.

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    Targeted Promotions. Get the right message to the right customers. Our billing and account integration capabilities power targeted Startpage campaigns that serve contextual promotions to specific customers based on customizable business rules.

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    Personalized Experiences. Deliver a seamless, personalized experience with the ability to push customized notifications to individual users across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Our Startpages integrate with our identity management platform so your customers’ credentials are consistent across all devices.

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    Video Search & Discovery. Get viewers to the content they want faster. Our Start experiences connect to our video metadata platform to enable the search and discovery of TV and Movie content. Search results and recommendations can be tailored based on business rules reflecting end user entitlement. Once users find what they are looking for, we deep link directly to the destination website or app.

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    Monetization. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We handle end to end ad operations and yield management.

Start Apps

Our Start Apps extend the popular services from our Startpages to mobile devices. Capture the entire market with an experience built to leverage unique mobile content consumption habits, such as increased interest in curated short form video.

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    All the Best Content. Engage viewers with a library of more than 500,000 video clips and articles, with thousands more added daily. Our content partners include the most recognizable brands on the web, with a full range of content curated for Millennial audiences.

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    Search & Discovery. Get consumers to the content they want faster. Our Start Apps are connected to our metadata platforms to enable the search and discovery of TV and cinematic content. Users can find content in our Start Apps and deep link to our destination apps for optimized TV and movie viewing.

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    Personalized Experiences. Open the door to deep content personalization and the ability to push customized notifications to individual users. Our Start Apps are integrated with our cloud-based identity management solutions for a consistent experience across platforms, and the ability to deep link users across apps and automatically sign them in for direct content access.

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    Integrated Monetization. Develop more paths to revenue. Our Start Apps integrate a range of monetization strategies including targeted banner advertising, pre-roll video ads, and popular promoted content.

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    Customer Care. Take customer care to the next level with an experience that becomes part of users’ daily routines. Our Start Apps deliver more than just news and entertainment with built-in functionality to check email, monitor bandwidth usage, pay bills, and schedule service appointments.