Full White-Label Communications Suite for Service Providers, Enterprises, Governments, and Small Businesses

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Cross-device collaboration made easy in one application with email, calendars, contacts, file storage and sharing, chat, and video conferencing

Secure and scalable platform with real-time backup, hierarchical storage management, and SMIME encryption

Customizable and extensible platform allows delivery of unique solutions to meet unique user needs


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Email as a Service for ISPs

A fully hosted and managed collaboration solution for service providers

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Zimbra On-Premises for ISPs

The Zimbra platform deployed in your datacenter

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Zimbra for Enterprise and Government

Flexible collaboration and productivity solution for businesses

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Zimbra as a Service for ISPs:

A fully hosted and managed collaboration solution for telcos and service providers


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    Customer Engagement and Retention
    At Synacor, we believe that delightful user experiences create a halo effort for the brands that provide them. An engaging email platform keeps your customers coming back daily to your branded ecosystem. With sticky services like email and Start, the full suite of Synacor platforms engage your customers and create a powerful toolset for customer communication and retention. By investing in our platform with a strong focus on customer engagement and delight, we ensure that your brand is associated with these powerful experiences.

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    Open Source
    Synacor’s Email service is built on the popular Zimbra Open Source Platform. This trusted open source software powers more than 400 million email boxes worldwide. The open Zimbra API provides the flexibility needed to customize experience to meet unique needs. Source code access and audits offer peace of mind, knowing that consumers are enjoying a highly-secure collaboration experience.

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    Monetization Opportunities.
    Synacor’s trusted search and advertising solutions drive successful and unobtrusive monetization options for email and collaboration. When email is combined with Synacor’s Start experiences, your customers will enjoy a full suite of personalized and engaging products under your brand name.