Simple, secure authentication that helps your customers unlock access to their content.

Cloud-Based Identity Management

Cloud ID is an award-winning identity management platform that helps you unlock entitled content to your customers using single sign-on (SSO) technology. Our product authorizes customers to access online entertainment—TV shows, movies, sports and more—on any device, anywhere.

With Cloud ID’s toolkit, distributors can federate their customer’s identities and developers can connect with entitled end consumers. For content providers and application developers, Cloud ID delivers identity management as a service for MVPD discovery and authentication, access control to entitled content and personalization of TVE/OTT applications.


  • Login, Simplified. Cloud ID Auto Auth is the industry’s first white label platform for password-less home-based authentication (HBA). Cloud ID is also first TVE authorization system to allow customers to use social logins from Facebook, Twitter and Google to unlock their favorite shows.

  • Federated. We federate identity to 200+ sites and applications, from Pay TV channels, to secure My Account sites, Web mail and Portals. Cloud ID supports mobile single sign on (SSO) on Android devices and now across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV with Apple SSO.

  • Integrated. Cloud ID makes it easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure with native SDKs and secure APIs. Our platform quickly connects with customer directories, entitlement databases and network provisioning to deliver the most advanced authentication experience.

  • Scalable. We reach over 75 million subscriber accounts through multiple Synacor data centers with the highest systems availability. We’ve successfully provided authentication for record-breaking TV Everywhere events on behalf of nearly 60 customers in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Secure. Cloud ID provides complete access control, ID usage auditing and fraud prevention, and thwarts malicious attacks. We have experience with a full range of authentication technology, from SAML to OAuth and Open ID Connect. With a decade of single sign-on success, we help your customers access their content safely and securely.