Who We Are

We are a global monetization platform for advertisers, publishers and ad tech partners that leverages our scale, premium brands and programmatic technologies. We connect our ad and publishing customers together to create more personalized, more relevant, and more meaningful experiences for users.


The trusted advertising partner bringing custom and programmatic solutions to advertisers.

  • Programmatic. We work in all major programmatic platforms and exchanges. In addition, we offer PMP, automated guaranteed, and preferred deals.

  • Premium scale. We reach over 193m unique on partner and operated sites. Sites you can trust that are 100% brand safe. News, entertainment, and local content deliver highly engaged users.

  • Local Power. Self identified geo targeting and mobile geo fencing combined with hyper local content that matter in the user’s community.

  • Custom Solutions. Focused 100% on creating solutions that help achieve advertiser goals, and consistently overwhelming ad clients with our performance and service.

  • Ad Products. Video, mobile, and native IAB standard ad units in highly visible locations that consistently drive performance.


The trusted monetization partner bringing programmatic solutions & products to advertisers.

  • Video solutions. Best in class video products allowing publishers to add premium video monetization.

  • Ad network. Optimizing demand across display & video to maximize publisher revenue with proprietary mediation offerings.

  • Header Bidding. Synacor Media’s bidder infuses new demand into the publisher’s header bidding solutions.