Synacor Announces Industry's First White-Label Auto Authentication Solution for TV Everywhere Access While in the Home or via Social Login Wherever the Location, Both are Part of Synacor's Cloud ID Offering

Oct 28, 2013

Cloud ID Social Login Celebrates Year of Awards and Accolades Leading Into NYC Television Week, October 28-30, Accelerating TV Everywhere Adoption, With New Innovations on the Way

BUFFALO, N.Y., Oct. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synacor Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNC), the leading provider of next-gen startpages, award-winning TV Everywhere solutions and cloud-based Identity Management (IDM) services, across multiple devices for cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies, today announced the industry's first white-label auto authentication solution for TV Everywhere access while in the home as well as via Social Login. Synacor's auto authentication solution recognizes a user's broadband network-based pay-TV account for at-home mobile access or connects via a user's familiar social media login, wherever the location. Both are part of Synacor's Cloud ID offering, and expected availability is Q1 2014.

More is on the horizon for Cloud ID. Leading into NYC Television Week, Synacor continues its momentum with Cloud ID Social Login, having been the industry's first authentication solution allowing pay-TV subscribers easy access to services, apps and entertainment using their existing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ logins.

Since its debut, Cloud ID Social Login has been recognized by the technology and digital entertainment industry as a superior solution and tremendous step forward in the universal adoption of TV Everywhere. In addition to attention from technology influencers like Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, Cloud ID Social Login has garnered several noteworthy awards including the TV of Tomorrow Leadership Award for the Most Significant Technology, Platform or Product, the TMC Cable Spotlight Product of the Year and CableFAX Best of the Web Award as the best TV Everywhere technology. Earlier this year, Synacor was invited to showcase its Cloud ID Social Login and TV Everywhere products alongside other technology elite at Google's Developer Sandbox at Google I/O 13.

In addition to its white-label auto authentication solution, Synacor has several new upcoming innovations for Cloud ID Social Login including

  • easy creation of Online Pay-TV accounts paired with Social IDs;
  • TV Everywhere Fraud Prevention via Video Stream Limiting and Session Throttling;
  • expanded Single Sign On (SSO) with Open ID Support for partners; and
  • Authentication and Authorization for mobile TV Everywhere app developers.

Industry leaders and organizations are not the only ones acknowledging the groundbreaking technology behind Cloud ID Social Login. The solution has caught the eye of some of the biggest MVPDs in the industry. And coming soon for Cloud ID Social Login, Synacor recently partnered with Grupo TVCable Ecuador, marking the company's entry into the booming Latin American market.

"Watching TV is fun. Watching TV on our favorite mobile devices should be just as fun. In this era of hyper accessibility, the promise of TV Everywhere is seamless access to all the content and services consumers can imagine, anytime, anywhere and on the device of their choosing. Cloud ID Social Login helps make that happen, all through one simple, familiar login," said Michael Bishara, Synacor's SVP of Product and GM of TV Everywhere. "As we continue to roll-out white-label innovations for Cloud ID like auto authentication in the home or via Social Login, we are excited to continue our behind-the-scenes work accelerating TV Everywhere adoption."

Social Login gives Synacor customers the flexibility to offer subscribers access to online pay-TV content with their favorite social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google. The offering simultaneously authorizes with the subscriber's pay-TV provider or billing account. Cloud ID brings the convenience of Social Login to TV Everywhere consumers with the trust of entitlement verification for TV authorization.

Synacor's Cloud ID Management Platform provides authentication services for TV Everywhere, Messaging, Value Added Services and Identity Management Services. These capabilities help consumer electronics companies, app developers and programmers to provide a secure and trusted identity management solution to their end-consumers. 

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Synacor's white-label platform enables cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies to deliver TV Everywhere, digital entertainment, cloud-based services and apps to their end-consumers across multiple devices, strengthening those relationships while monetizing the engagement. Synacor (Nasdaq:SYNC), is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit

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