Synacor Acquires Carbyn; Announces Industry's First Integrated HTML5 Platform Powering Apps, Content and Entertainment Across Devices

May 01, 2012

BUFFALO, N.Y. and LONDON, Ontario, May 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synacor, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNC), provider of the leading technology platform enabling cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies to authenticate their consumers and deliver digital entertainment, TV Everywhere and online services, today confirmed it has acquired Carbyn, the HTML5 Platform that delivers a unified experience for apps across Net-connected devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and connected TVs.

Through this acquisition, Synacor will be able to offer customers a branded platform where their subscribers can enjoy a variety of content and HTML5 applications including video, music, games, newspapers, and magazines seamlessly by signing into their account on any device regardless of operating system (OS) or browser. Carbyn fills a gap in the marketplace and is a vital piece of Synacor's TV Everywhere content strategy. Josh Constine of TechCrunch says Synacor and Carbyn "are a great fit, a veritable match made in the cloud."

"Through our acquisition of Carbyn, Synacor is extending our platform to more devices and more screens than ever before. Now our customers can build apps once, yet have their consumers enjoy them across all connected devices," said Ron Frankel, Synacor CEO. "Synacor is addressing our customer needs as their subscribers continue to use more connected devices in increasingly mobile ways and expect content to be accessible anywhere. In addition to laptop and desktop computers, we anticipate customer startpages, which offer email, news and TV Everywhere content, will appear on an even wider variety of connected devices. The Carbyn acquisition is a tremendous opportunity for Synacor, our customers, and their consumers."

Carbyn is a cloud-based platform with the unique ability to deliver applications and content as a single experience on any device. End-users can select any Internet-connected device, open a browser and sign into the platform where they can access apps, games, music, movies, pictures, documents, newspapers, and magazines along with our customer's self-help apps, "my account" features, bill pay, DVR, voicemail and other apps developed by programmers, Synacor customers, or third-party vendors. For example, when an application is purchased using a tablet, it can be accessed and enjoyed later on a laptop, smartphone or connected-TV, even if the devices have different operating systems, such as Apple iOS, Google Android or Microsoft Windows software.

"Synacor is at the forefront of enabling apps and content across multiple screens, and we're filling the consumer demand for a compelling, seamless experience that transcends the brand name of the devices they carry," said Jaafer Haidar, Carbyn Co-Founder and CEO and now Vice President of Mobile for Synacor. "This platform makes it much easier for consumer electronics manufacturers, OEMs and wireless carriers that up to now have had to rely upon a disconnected band of partners depending upon the device being a PC, tablet, TV or phone. With Carbyn and Synacor, the platform exists on all operating systems. The net result? A beautiful consumer experience and more opportunity for service providers and app developers beyond Apple and Google."

Synacor is integrating Carbyn's technology with its own platform to offer next-gen converged services to broadband, cable, satellite, IPTV and consumer electronics companies. Elements and benefits of the platform include

  • A branded cloud app platform that is device and OS agnostic;
  • Distribution opportunity for the burgeoning HTML5 developer community;
  • Reduced costs of developing, deploying, and managing apps;
  • New revenue opportunities from content publishing, apps, in-app transactions, storage and premium services;
  • Enhanced monetization opportunities through paid search and advertising;
  • The ability to continually update and launch new content and apps over-the-air (OTA) seamlessly to consumers; and
  • Access to TV Everywhere content and services.

About Synacor

Synacor's customer-branded platform enables cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies to deliver TV Everywhere, digital entertainment, services and apps to their end-consumers, strengthening those relationships while monetizing the engagement. Synacor is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit Integrate. Authenticate. Engage.

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