Who We Are

We are a global, brand-safe monetization, and video platform for advertisers and publishers that leverage our scale, premium brands, and programmatic tech across desktop and mobile. We connect our buy-side and sell-side partners together to create more personalized, more relevant, and more meaningful experiences for users and customers.



We make the connection between brands and consumers. We solve the technical challenges to streamline ad buying and ensure advertisers match the right message with the right audience in the right context at scale across trustworthy desktop and mobile environments. Brand safety is in our DNA.

What Makes Us Different:

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    Valuable Audience Segments: Reaching the right audience is hard. With the power of Synacor’s data-driven targeting solution, you can select from hundreds of curated vertical and seasonal audiences to target interested consumers at scale.

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    Local Power: We enable you to reach real people instead just devices. Leveraging our local content, reach, and targeting capabilities, you can tie back to a single ID by person or household to improve performance.

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    Premium Private Marketplace: We provide access to brand-safe, high quality inventory via private marketplaces. You have full transparency into where your campaigns run ensuring not only the best possible performance but the best partner experience.

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    Innovative Ad Formats: We work with our ad partners to create customized and innovative approaches to reach the right audiences. We take the extra steps to ensure that we are employing the best ad formats to deliver a powerful return on ad spend. From video to native, we work with you to design new and creative ways to drive engagement.



We solve tough technical challenges so you can deliver great content and advertising experiences at scale with maximum revenue. We remove friction between our buy-side and sell-side partners and provide value to publishers and their consumers.

What Makes Us Different:

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    Independent, transparent platform: We exist to help you succeed through the use of open, non-opaque technology solutions. We’re a premium publisher ourselves so we know the pain points and challenges publishers face every day. As a result, we are creating a more even playing field for you by helping drive monetization through curated and transparent programmatic marketplaces.

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    Quality Content: Our video products provide highly engaging, relevant short-form video content for desktop and mobile screens coupled with monetization. We deliver custom styling and quality content tailored to your needs that fit the design of your site and amplifies your own editorial content.

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    Innovation-Driven: We developed an industry leading video platform for publishers that deliver fresh solutions based on market trends and publisher needs. We leverage consumer insights and data solutions to maximize fill and yield for your premium inventory. And, our interactive formats always respect of the user experience.

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    Trusted Partner: With two decades of experience helping advertisers and publishers use technology to build more meaningful consumer connections, Synacor is a trusted partner to help you achieve you business goals.