About Us

Synacor. We’re a Tech company at the intersection of Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

synacor-officeWe trade in consumers’ favorite stuff: their TV shows, movies, music, games, email and more.

Consumers want all the content and services they can imagine—anytime, anywhere and on the device of their choosing.

Consumers are clamoring for it. Industry is struggling to deliver it. Enter Synacor, making it all possible. We’re the leading provider of next-gen startpages, award-winning TV Everywhere solutions and cloud-based Identity Management (IDM) services. We do our behind-the-scenes tech work on behalf of our customers: cable, satellite, telecom and CE companies. And it all happens in the cloud (and in Buffalo, Boston, Toronto and China). What we do is hard. But Synacor makes it easy so consumers have all the fun. And the best part? All the credit goes to our customers.

How do we make our money?

Some fees, but predominantly based on a Digital Advertising model, specifically search and display.

NBC Sochi 2014Scoring big.

Synacor has scored the largest TV Everywhere Olympics footprint, having successfully provided authentication for NBCUniversal’s TVE Summer and Winter Olympics on behalf of nearly 40 customers, spanning all 50 states, reaching 25 million subscribers. With average monthly unique visitors on the rise—and advertising impressions in the billions—Synacor’s robust business model is based on monetizing those metrics through search and display advertising, and then splitting the revenue with our customers, which include the likes of CenturyLink, Cable ONE, DISH Network, Toshiba, Lenovo and Verizon.

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Synacor Cloud ID
will be the first to allow customers to use social logins from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for cable authorization.

- Kara Swisher

All the best content—social and in the cloud.

Synacor also receives fees for our bundled premium value added services (VAS) subscriptions, as well as from extensive Cloud ID Management offerings including authentication, authorization, and the newly-launched Social Login for TV Everywhere—an industry first and widely lauded.

Synacor knows what works.

Synacor still enjoys a healthy revenue stream from our legacy email services business, which also serves as a gateway for successfully cross-selling startpages, TV Everywhere services and more among our current customer base. TV Everywhere also is ripe for customer expansion, as our customers rely on us to continuously increase in-demand TVE programming consumers love, like HBO GO, MAX GO, Showtime, NBCUniversal, CNN, TBS, TNT, tru TV, MSNBC, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Epix, Fox, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, Bravo, E!, Oxygen, Speed2, BigTen, Pac-12, Hulu and more.

Android™ and beyond.

With the recent acquisition of expert Android shop, Teknision, Synacor has firmly planted its flag in the mobile apps space. In this era of multi-device, multiscreen and second screen, Synacor is well positioned to most benefit from the proliferation of connected devices, connected content and the connected consumer.